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Private Pilot Training Program

Our Private Pilot Training Program is your first step in enjoying all the excitement and privileges of helicopter flying. Complete Helicopters is proud to offer top quality helicopter instruction at reasonable prices. 

The Private Pilot training course is a multi-level course with a combination of both flight and ground school to prepare you for the Private Pilot Exam. At Complete Helicopters we feel that a knowledgeable pilot must have the the tools to operate an aircraft safely and competently. This is this reason why our students are held to the highest of standards in the flight training industry.

What is a private pilot certificate?

A private pilot certificate allows you to fly a helicopter, carry passengers or property and share the operating expenses. You are not allowed to fly for compensation or hire.

What are the medical requirements?

An FAA medical certificate is required prior to the first solo flight.

What are the flight training requirements?

A minimum of 40 hours flight time including

•           20 Hours of dual including

3 hours of dual cross-country

•           1 cross-country over 50 nautical miles

•           3 hours of dual night training

•           3 hours of checkride preparation

•           10 hours of solo flight

About 30 hours of ground school providing

•           a foundation of basic aviation knowledge

•           preparation to pass the FAA Written Test

What is the average time requirement?

The FAA requires 40 hours as listed above, and the national average is about 70 hours. Our students at Complete Helicopter’s average about 50 to 60 hours.




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